Milow has a new single - We Must Be Crazy

We have been waiting for a long time for new music from Milow, but the wait is (almost) over. His new single We Must Be Crazy is finally out on radio in some European countries (Germany, Belgium). Check out the single cover above and the song below, as he's already performed it on some gigs.

Milow is staying true to his signature style in this mellow, acoustic ballad that sounds like his past songs Building Bridges or Stepping Stone. We Must Be Crazy is the 1st single to be taken off Milow's new album Silver Linings (whose release date still hasn't been announced, but is supposedly 'coming soon').

Originally, Against The Tide was supposed to be the 1st single, but his record label changed their mind and picked We Must Be Crazy instead. Not really sure if that was a good choice, since at first listen Against The Tide seems to be more catchy, radio friendly and has some inspiring lyrics. Which song do you think is a better choice for single #1?

3 Responses to "Milow has a new single - We Must Be Crazy"

  1. really happy with we must be crazy as a first single btw! :)

  2. silver linings will be released on march 31st

  3. thanks for the info about the release date, I'll add it to the album release list! :))