Rihanna Releases Badass Bitch Better Have My Money Video

We're used to seeing Rihanna being badass and sexy, but the new video for her latest single Bitch Better Have My Money (BBHMM) takes it to a whole new level. Take videos for Man Down and Hard and multiply it by 100, that's how badass she is now.

First of all, it's a surprise she even made a video for the song, since the song came out a few months ago and it basically flopped. She then released American Oxygen and made a video for it (which also flopped), so we thought she moved on, but obviously not.

The song itself is terrible, to be completely honest. Rihanna's albums are mostly hit and miss, but this is not even music. It's just her shouting several sentences that sometimes barely rhyme over a simple beat. Still, you should watch the video just for the shock value. Warning: there's blood, violence, nudity (anything you'd normally expect from music videos nowadays) and more. Also, prepare a bucket for vomiting.

The video is like a mini-movie, over 7 minutes long, and Rihanna basically plays a killer. She kidnaps a lover (?) of the man who owes her money, tortures her, evades the police until finally she catches the guy (bitch) and (SPOILER ALERT) presumably kills both him and the girl. In the end, she just lies there in a trunk full of money, completely naked but covered in blood and strategically placed banknotes, smoking a cigar.

If you've managed to get through till the end of the video, what are your opinions? Which is worse and trashier - the song or the video? I'm gonna go with a big fat BOTH.

The song came out long ago and is so bad that the video probably won't help it much, but it will definitely get people talking (good or bad). What can I say, if you owe Rihanna money, you better pay out before she comes after you!

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