Britney writes letter to fans & releases album cover for 'Britney Jean'

Pop goddess Britney Spears has surprised us all with her latest tweet in which she revealed her new album cover and a letter to her fans:

After the so-so covers for Femme Fatale and Circus, Britney is back in business with the flawless cover for her 8th album Britney Jean, which will be out December 3 (one day after her birthday)!

Also, the link in the tweet leads to her official website where she posted a hand-written letter to her fans, so go read it right now (but come back to this blog)! :)

Aaand, if that's not enough for you, she also reveals on her website that her 2nd single off the album, Perfume, will be out in less than 2 weeks, or more precisely November 5! How's that for creating hype?

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