Simon Curtis releases new free EP - WWW

Pop singer Simon Curtis has just released his new free EP called WWW, and you can download it HERE. It has 8 previously unreleased tracks:

1. Heart In 2
2. Neon Lights
3. Diamonds On The Dancefloor
4. Meteor
5. Berlin Wall
6. Fight For Your Life
7. Satellite
8. Do I Have To Dance

The sounds on this EP is very similar to the sound on his previous album R∆ - catchy, upbeat dance electronic music with a lot of great hooks. Meteor is especially catchy, although it has some pretty generic lyrics.

Anyway, though the lyrics are quite tacky and not at all clever and innovative like on some of his previous songs, the music is much better than the EP cover art (shown above). Yes, that's one of the official cover arts, not fanmade... Here are the other ones (brace yourself!):

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