Backstreet Boys: Beards and burgers

Ever since Backstreet Boys became a down-low (that's a nice way of saying flop) band, all the interesting things that happen with them go unnoticed by the general public (from now on GP), since no one really checks for them anymore. But, since I'm a fan, there are some things I have to comment on.
First of all, they have a new single and a new video, Show 'Em What You're Made Of (2nd single off their new album In A World Like This). It's actually a nice song, a typical BSB midtempo/ballad, and here's the video:

Things we notice here:
1. Boys are shirtless (some of them) for the first time after.... I'd say their 2nd album. What's up with that?
2. AJ's enormous beard. Covers more than others guys' clothes.
3. No group shots
4. The budget for this video included 1 camera and obviously not enough clothes for all the guys.

Anyway, the Boys were recently asked in an interview about their opinion on a new 'supergroup' formed by McFly and Busted, named.... wait for it... McBusted!
The guys had no idea who they were and even said: "It sounds like a McDonald's sandwich. Who are they? Hilarous!"

Well, a few weeks later, guess who are the special guests on a McBusted concert at Time Hyde Park?

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