Controversy about Britney's new video 'Perfume'

"Our very own pop princess now queen of pop" Britney Spears has released the sort-of anticipated video for Perfume, 2nd single off her latest album Britney Jean. The song is the first ballad she's released as a single in years, so fans were really looking forward to it, especially with Britney showing off her vocals in this song, which she co-wrote with Sia.

The video for Perfume was directed by Joseph Kahn, who did the iconic videos for Toxic, Womanizer and Stronger, and fans were expecting nothing less this time, especially after pics from the video shooting (pun intended) appeared online, in which Britney was holding a gun.

However, the gun scenes were eventually cut out of the video, so we ended up with a safer version of a basic love triangle video. Britney still looks very hot in it, but the video kinda leads nowhere, so some excitement should have been thrown in.

Kahn has said in a series of tweets how disappointed he is that his version of the video is not released:
Needless to say, the Britney Army is now pissed and has already created an online petition for the director's cut of the video to be released. 

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