Bastille have a new single and a (kinda) new album

One of my favorite music discoveries of this year is the amazing UK band Bastille. Their album Bad Blood is full of great songs such as Pompeii (their biggest hit), Daniel In The Den, Things We Lost In The Fire and the title song.
Now, they have re-released the album, calling it All This Bad Blood, which contains all the standard songs and a bonus disc with unreleased/rare tracks. The first single off this album is Of The Night, which is a mashup of 2 well-known songs, The Rhythm Of The Night and Rhythm Is A Dancer. (Here's a lyric vid because Youtube is being a bitch and won't let me embed the official vid - so there's a link for the official video here):

Bastille are also slowly breaking out on the US market - their album peaked at #11 on Billboard 200 and their 1st single for the US market - Pompeii, is currently #22 on US iTunes. Here's a great performance of Pompeii they recently did on The Ellen Show. Dan looked like he had a lot of fun and the band has obviously already won over the US audience, who knew all the words to the song.

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